Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Place, or Off My Rocker?

My friend Anna Sneed took this picture of me last night, and more than possibly any photo of me ever taken- it perfectly captures my happy place. Maybe because in part I can't see my face- so I can't focus on all my perceived imperfections- or my hair (wow! I need to see Brandi for some color!) or whatever....

This is just me, thinking about something wonderful, art in this case, and taking a moment to let my frontal lobe do a little jig before I commit my observation to paper.

Thanks Anna. I love this.

So last night I went to see "Cold Storage"- a photo/ collage/ art exhibit at the Alzheimer's Association as a part of Fotofest.

The artist, Nan Dickson, chose Alzheimer's patients as her focus for the collection-- Patients who had gotten the rare, and perhaps more devastating early diagnosis, before age 60.

I am planning a photo essay on it for Culture Map so please check it out when it goes live.

It's a powerful beautiful, show and I can't say enough about it. Go see it.

So who is this new me?

I wish I could say it's an identity crisis- or a phase- or a hobby- the writing that is- but it feels like me. It feels like home.

Am I off my rocker? Or have I truly found my happy place?


  1. My vote is happy place. I love it that you are writing. One day, I hope to pursue writing, too!

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  3. I find writing actually helps me keep my sanity. lol. love the picture.