Thursday, September 22, 2011


We've been busy little bees over here at Casa de Hammon. I think I will refer to this week as "Render unto Ceasar 2011" and/or perhaps, "Pay the Piper." Brakes on the Jetta (cha ching!) Permits for our bathroom remodel we didn't know we needed - not to mention penalties for not knowing we needed them (cha-ching), Inspections and Registrations on the cars, (cha-ching!) Not to mention everyday emergencies like the musical theater class Syd must have because her best friend is in it.

Hey, ya know what though? I am not complaining. We have been gifted SO much, especially in the last few weeks.

The aforementioned bathroom remodel for example. We had dinner over at our friends Carrie and Tarek's house a few weeks back, and I was drooling over the bathroom they just fixed up. Tarek is a home builder and very handy with home related stuff so he walked us through how they did it. I thought of the sinking pink linoleum in our own bathroom, the teal walls and shower dial that doesn't recognize "Hot".

Tarek offered to take a look at our bathroom and see if he could help us fix it up. Long story short we are in the midst of a total remodel that will result in the bathroom of our dreams! Tarek is donating his time. Our only expenses are direct costs, and my mother has graciously covered those. Pinching myself. Do I deserve a gorgeous modern bathroom? Nah. Does it bring me great joy and comfort? Absolutely. So thank you.

Tarek (and Matt) and I have been a part of one another's spiritual journey's for the last several years. He came back to faith a handful or years ago, and we've walked some of that road together. We've been incredibly inspired by his new life and his focused, unwavering faith. Yesterday, when our not so nice neighbor was harassing us about the bath tub in my backyard (oops) I realized, 'Tarek is doing a mitzvot', a good deed, for us- fellow believers and vocational ministers- because he felt God urging him to. And for that we are grateful. He can tell you stories of how God has blessed him in unexpected ways throughout this project, not to mention the subtle and not so subtle spiritual attack we've experienced. Not to sound over spiritual- but it's really true.

Another blessing of the last few weeks, is that Matt and I have taken an opportunity to join the staff at Chapelwood United Methodist Church. It's been bittersweet of course, because we love our Ecclesia family and consider ourselves a part of the community there- but we felt God urging us in this new direction.

This move has blessed us, challenged us and is teaching us alot about ourselves as leaders and servants. We are grateful for the many ways in which the community there is already caring for us!

Strangely enough, through the generosity of members of both communities, Matt and I will both be able to attend retreats at Laity Lodge this fall! Wow!

All that to say this week has been about trusting His provision and seeing it poured out through the generosity of His people. We feel loved. Thank You.

I pray that I am as generous with my time and resources as I've witnessed others be this week. I pray that Mitzvot becomes a real part of my daily life, that blessing others is not an afterthought but a challenge I take on every day. I pray that our friends and community do not grow weary in well doing, in supporting and loving the pastors in their midst. We need you, we love you and we are grateful for you. Amen.

PS. The photo of the unfinished vanity is of our "actual" bathroom, as it's being built, the rest are not.


  1. Cameron,
    I just checked out Olivette music and your vocals are gorgeous! Ordered me a copy from Vineyard. Can't wait to get it and get ready for Advent. Such a pleasure to see you in the Canyon!

  2. Yay! I am so glad you get to go to the retreat!